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Borisova daughter catches mom and spoil things

The leader has denied the rumors about his poor

In the words of the once popular TV presenter Dana Borisova, recently published news of its dismal financial situation are a fiction. In fact, so she really wants to do away with its past, adding that its current fees reach half a million. But now the star is more concerned about the relationship with the ex-spouse Maxim Aksenov and 10-year-old daughter Polina. "She made me never in this time the mother has called, and says "Hey, you," admitted Borisov to journalists Dni.Ru.

When meeting the girl grabbed my head and pulled out a tuft of hair, and then wanted to break a new coat, then he lowered the toilet 700 thousand rubles and wanted to drown there, both passports are Given which, fortunately, was in time saved. Leading believes that this behavior Polina provoked by the attempts of her ex-husband to set child against mother. Borisov even found a technician willing to help to settle their conflict and to equalize the relationship, but Feldman opposed this decision and said he was confident in the health of his daughter.


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