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Lada Dance: "Solitude is not my thing»

How was career and personal life of the singer, which was so popular in the 90s?

"Girl-night", "Live in the buzz", "Flavor of love" and other songs Lada Dens continue to cause great public response. But she herself had not often appear before the public. found out where now you can see the Fret.

Now few people remember that his career with Lada (then just Lada Volkova) started the group "women's Council". Although she believes that time in the group is odd, to say the least: "After jazz school, where he learned the repertoire of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday, I had to sing 'No containers, no containers, do not go, uncle, nothing!". After leaving the trio, she decided to pursue a solo career. But while the court Yes business, has worked as a backing vocalist at the Philip Kirkorov. And then her life had been a meeting with the producer Leonid Velichkovsky, and through him came to light Lada Dens (that he invented sonorous pseudonym). Under this name, the singer somehow quickly seized TV and radio.

The main project in my life

In parallel with improved creative and personal life of the Frets. "Leonid began to write songs for me, but at the same time as the girl didn't pay any attention, — says the singer about the relationship. — I'm touched. I mean, to him with all the warmth and affection, and he ignores me? Because I have almost immediately raised the senses. But he saw me later. In short, after some time we began to live together."

They lived together for five years, and it was a happy time for the singer. As long as the other project Velichkovsky — group "Technology" — suddenly became incredibly popular. Leonid appeared fans in an obscene amount, and he will tell you later Lada, could not many of them to refuse reciprocity. However, the version of the Velichkovsky, he was in the role of a cuckold. They say, Lada blatantly traded him to the oligarch Pavel Svirsky (at the time called the "king of ham").

Лада Дэнс: «Одиночество — это не мое»

With his son Ilya and daughter Lisa (2012)Lily Sharlovskoe

Married to svirskis Lada lived for five years. They parted with the scandal, but the singer does not comment on things past. "I'm sure that Paul was destined to meet the global goal — the birth of our children, Elijah and Lisa." Their children Lada, by the way, the main project in life. Now they both have grown. Daughter studying in London, the son who still lives in Moscow, went to architectural University.

"Remove the foam" after Penkina

When the singer seemingly came to life after divorce was a real tragedy. During a holiday in the Alps Lada broke her leg. Yes! When she removed the plaster, left leg was thinner than the right twice. The doctors then shrugged, "Say thank you, what can walk. Well, if you want to return to a normal life, develop the leg."

A year after the tragedy, Lada lived only one: to become a normal person. Friends brought her into the pool, brought to the water, where she swam every day for at least an hour.

About what she had experienced then, Lada for a long time is not told. Just read in numerous articles that it has already been considered to become "downed pilots". And only when able to walk again, decided to tell what happened then.

Surprisingly, today again she dissects skiing. This winter, Lada spent the holidays in Switzerland and showed real class. In General, the life of her recently was very informative. For over ten years, Lada runs his own recruitment Agency. The idea of creation was born after she slowly and painfully tried to find himself a housekeeper. And found an interesting case. Among the clients, of course, stellar colleagues Frets — Dmitry Kharatyan, Irina Dubtsova, Glory and Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov.

Лада Дэнс: «Одиночество — это не мое»

In the series "Balzac age, or All men are bast..."Lada has played a major role along with Julia Menshovoj, alikoj Humorous and Jeanne Applegate: materials of press-services

On the stage of the Lada, too, is not forgotten. And after her participation in the show "Just exactly" the number of proposals has increased significantly. During the program, she managed to transform into Nani Bregvadze, Jennifer Lopez and even Sergey Penkin. In the end won a prize, received a special jury prize and successfully "removes the foam" after this victory.

"I may not be as popular as in the nineties, but then was much more. You could Express yourself as a personality, to show their individuality through songs, projects, as it was with me. There was a bright single — you went with him to speak. At concerts it sounded a Bang."

But on her personal life, she prefers not to spread. Although it is recognized that you are definitely not alone. "I believe that a woman can't live alone without a man, it is unnatural. And somehow, I've never been one for more than two weeks. Loneliness is not mine."


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