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Bilan lost the loving dog

New video of the singer discussing the Network

The last few weeks the star of the Russian pop scene Dima Bilan spent in a warmer climate, enjoying the relaxation and sunshine. "Well, Hello, the long awaited ocean! In the experiments decided to wait, though, and plans were to fly to the country side where the sun rises on the planet earth, before all (not Japan and not China)!"(here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., asked the contractor to the subscribers on 20 January, inviting them to guess his whereabouts.

Publication of bilanofficial (@bilanofficial)Feb 5, 2018 10:52 PST

Day ago the actor told the fans that had already arrived home. Then in his microblog appeared amusing publication. On posted video of the singer trying to hold back the attack of tenderness from your four-legged friend of the Beagle, trying to lick the sunscreen off his face: "sobakasu spit on my external...but internal care..)) bring the purity and sincerity of the depths )/// and I burned in the sun a couple of times". Among the comments to the video, you notice different opinions: someone was touched, and someone seen seemed strange.


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