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Gosha Kutsenko: "I don't drink alcohol this year»

Exclusive I spoke about a new way of life

Gosha Kutsenko is known to be not only a popular actor but also a model father. And more recently still lead a healthy way of life — colleagues envy. About the artist recently told on one of the social events.

"I have had 15 days of shooting, and I don't drink alcohol this year — admitted Kutsenko. — All life with a clean slate, and so I feel like I'm not 50, but 25. To feel that way, I'm trying to sleep — looking for a sleep in any position. Sport is also in my life."

However, sometimes the response can give myself some slack. 'My wife went to relax in France. And I didn't go — I have a vacation when I don't drink alcohol", — told the artist.

Гоша Куценко: «Я не пью алкоголь в этом году»

Gosha Kutsenko decided to lead a healthy lifestyle and abandon алкоголя

By the way, a great feeling Kutsenko allows him more time to devote to the child. The youngest daughter of artist Svetlana went to the tenth month.

"She's wonderful, she is growing — she is already 9 months. Mirror age comes. That is, 9 months later she was abdominal and the same on the ground. She begins to glow, looking everywhere... And I see mom, in her honor and named it," — said Kutsenko.

Гоша Куценко: «Я не пью алкоголь в этом году»

9 months ago Kutsenko became a father for the third раз


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