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Yulia Savicheva: "My daughter is already trying to talk!»

Exclusive the singer is waiting for the separation from a child

Round the person of Yulia Savicheva for the last year there were a lot of rumors. This was due to the fact that the artist for some time disappeared from the radar of the secular journalists. As it turned out, Julia was pregnant, and therefore didn't want the annoying attention to his person. In the middle of 2016 she became a mother, so still Savicheva — rare visitor on secular actions, and she rarely gives interviews. However was able to talk with the singer and ask her about the latest news of life.

The actress appeared at the presentation of the show Maxim Fadeev and Timothy "Songs". Julia looked relaxed, fun and exuded friendliness.

"I've had a photo shoot just before this event. I am currently in Moscow, so happy he came to support max," — immediately admitted the singer.

- In connection with pregnancy and child birth you practically fled from his numerous fans: you were not in the capital, you almost do not write in the "instagrame»…

- Just recently, I write a lot, considering how I was driving before. What can I say... My daughter is growing — she is absolutely amazing. She's funny, she already is the seventh month. Yes, the time flies very fast. It would seem, I recently gave birth to her, and now she's the seventh month. She's already trying to say something, always laughing, smiling, singing... (Laughs.)

- Your song? With the words?

Just because I'm her every day sing, she's imitating. She is very curious and likes to communicate with people and be in the crowd, roughly speaking. And, by the way, I still have time to prepare for the tour of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions. Of course I want people to see the new me because I feel different after I had the baby. And by the way, today is the birthday of my husband whom I am in a hurry. We are quiet people, just sit in a restaurant and my daughter will be grandma's house. They are out of town, because we understand that the city is a city and the air outside Moscow is something else.

Tour of Murmansk oblast is no joke. Take the baby with you or leave here?

No, of course I'm not going to take a kid. Why carry around a little? I'm really glad I have a grandmother, husband who help me. And I, of course, very grateful for the fact that they understand that I have to work, I can't live without their profession. I try to snatch time to be alone with my baby, but to take the time to work. In this mode, I'm incredibly happy person.

Юлия Савичева: «Моя дочь уже пытается говорить!»

Julia confessed: to be a mom and an artist for her absolute счастье

- After you moved to Portugal, there were rumors that Yulia Savicheva moved from Moscow. So, you will not move?

- The fact that Portugal's dad's house to my husband, he worked there, he went to work and remained. Now lives there and we occasionally visit it. I recently was with my daughter. It just happened that we came to rest, and I lingered. But we came back. So talk about our move is a rumor.


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