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Paul Priluchny refused to kiss Agatha muceniece

The actress told me she started her relationship with her future husband

In the new edition of the show "Once" took part in one of the most beautiful pairs of domestic show business — actors Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny. Now the couple are raising two children, but at the first acquaintance, as it turned out, Priluchny even on set didn't want to kiss his future wife.

"Was the kissing scene. And Pasha said, "I'm not going to kiss her". And I think: what? The Director also made the headphones: "What he said, not to kiss?"Oleg Asadulin was he took Pasha to the side, and they're there whispering", — shared his memories of Agatha. This behavior of the partner in filming the troubled actress, but in the end the first kiss artists still held.

"I was waiting for this scene. And in the end he still agreed, directed by his persuading. And then Oleg said: 'We said, let's get started. You played the scene, started kissing, and we're talking into the radio: 'Stop," and you just don't react. And they: "Stop, STO-op! Whoa, guys! Hey! Stop!"And we're like, "Oh, yeah, what? Huh? And, Yes, stop. We didn't hear that radio," said the actress.


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