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Nadezhda Angarskaya foot problems

Exclusive star Comedy Woman solved the problem in America

Actress Nadezhda Angarskaya admitted that in life faces some difficulties caused by... the size of her feet. Despite the fact that it looks virtually invisible, Angarskaya 42 Shoe size! Because of this, komediya forced to spend much time in search of suitable footwear. Fortunately, not so long ago she managed to solve the problem, because Nadia went on tour to America, where he returned especially pleased.

"I recently bought important thing. In the 10 years that I fly with my beloved suitcase, it is scratched, worn — employees of the airports, of course, do not spare our Luggage, we saw it all unloaded. So I bought a large suitcase grey in order to push back all the shoes I bought on the American tour. The fact that it was my Paradise. It was not a tour, but kind of a fairy tale — a dream of a woman with a 42-m size. I found the beautiful shoes up to size 44! Represent! Was really funny: for $ 15, I bought flip flops on your feet. And they were beautiful. I haven't counted how many pairs I bought, but it was a suitcase of shoes, and it had to be put somewhere. Envy Russian women! I don't know how to make so that in Russia was the same," revealed the actress.

У Надежды Ангарской проблемы с ногами

Due to the large size of the foot, the actress has always been a problem: what shoes?


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