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Maxim Galkin worried about Alexei Panin

The actor believes that stirred up a "hornet's nest»

In Instagram Alexey Panin there was a post with screenshots, which show that Maxim Galkin has closely followed the "Stories" of the actor. Why would he want it, is not clear. As suggested by Panin, Galkin is afraid that he can tell some information, which he wants to keep secret. However, shortly after publication, the post was deleted.

"Maxim Galkin slowly going on in my life, in history. Well, suddenly I something extra about Ernst will say, or about whom," wrote Panin in comments to a remote post. — "Maxim apparently heard my threats and decided to control my Instagram. So I stirred up a hornet's nest."

We will remind, the conflict between Panin and Galkin began due to the fact that the comedian is proposed to appoint the head of the Committee for the protection of animals and the environment scandalously famous actor. Alex saw this as an allusion to the story of the emergence of online video where people like him having sex with a dog. And, in turn, began to write about the sexual orientation of Maxim.


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