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Natalie made a Frank admission to Boris Korchevnikov

The singer narrowly escaped a rape during a tour

Singer Natalie was the guest of the program "the Destiny of man" with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. The star shared the leading with the shocking story that happened to her in 2013 during a tour in one of the countries of the East. Then at the peak of popularity was the song of the singer "Oh my God, what a man." Apparently, some hot man attending the concert of the singer, the hit had taken on her account.

"Somehow, having worked on stage, I came to the hotel, lay down to rest. And I see through the balcony in the room climbs a man of Oriental appearance," said Natalie. — "Apparently, he thought so simple for me to get in, and I will not deny. I did not lose, immediately ran out of the room".

At this time some men in the lobby of the hotel especially distracting husband of Natalie. The artist remembers that they were all armed, and she was scared. But she did behave correctly and to explain to them that it can not behave.


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