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Natasha Queen called "grandma»

Glasses and fur added 44-year-old singer a couple of decades

Natasha Queen is constantly being accused of bad taste. It seems that she deliberately provokes these conversations. This time the singer dressed up in fur to walk the streets of düsseldorf, where she arrived on tour. Germany is now a normal European winter: cold temperatures at night and the "easy plus" day. German women go to coats and jackets, against the background of our artist in the hat and mink coat looks weird. However, as the Queen said herself, she "wore the best" because is afraid to freeze and get sick, because all winter she spent in Sunny Miami.

Subscribers microblog Queen sharply criticized the fur way that complements glasses because the artist is short-sighted. Netizens noted that she was very old, and the clothes they added on another 20 years. "In Germany, coats worn only by old ladies, not modern, from Russian, you can calculate" "Well not unseemly completely without makeup for a woman on the street to go, and even a video shoot. Have pity on us," "Grandma," — commented followers.

Publication of Natasha Koroleva (@natellanatella)Feb 9, 2018 at 2:28 PST


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