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Men from Buzova only need PR

Leading "House-2" disappointed in the fans

It's been more than a year, Olga Buzova divorced Dmitry Tarasov. The player is already happy with a new girlfriend, and even managed to marry, and the leading "House-2" all alone. The girl makes a quick career in show business, every day increases its army of fans, but its "only" among whom she sees. According to Olga, the last time she had a few romantic encounters, but they all ended in nothing, because, as I understand, the star, the Cavaliers need was just PR.

One of the men she met at a social event, he volunteered to walk her home, and immediately began to push for a joint selfie. Disappointed Olga and another suitor — a US citizen, he also asked for a joint photo on a first date. The third gentleman for some time, intrigued by the girl, sending her anonymous flowers, but then opened up and asked me to help him to promote your own blog by using advertising images.


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