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Efim Shifrin will give odds to young athletes

61-year-old actor showed inflated torso

Efim Shifrin a very popular actor, his performances are planned two years in advance. But despite the enormous employment and the load, the comedian always finds time to visit the gym. And it's not just treadmills and bicycles, in ' 61, he lifts the barbell, with the weight that take to be addressed not every young person. Almost 25 years satirist seriously interested in bodybuilding. The result he showed the other day on Instagram, showing a photo with a naked torso inflated.

In the caption to the picture, the artist remembered that it all started about 35 years old when he watched his concert in the recording on TV. He found that looks disgusting, as he began to gain weight. His body has acquired an indefinite shape. After talking with a friend who regularly practicing in the gym, Shifrin decided to join him.

Ефим Шифрин даст фору молодым атлетам

Fans believe that Shifrin envy and Шварценеггер

"It was 1993. Since I did not leave with the fact that people now feel free to call bodybuilding", wrote the satirist. "I came to the gym at the age of 37, and after 7 years, received the statuette "Mr. Fitness", and later a diploma from the Moscow Federation of bodybuilding".


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