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Alla Pugacheva brought the elite to torpor

What ended the sudden appearance of the prima Donna on the movie premiere — in a secular review

Alla Pugacheva is a most welcome guest to any movie premieres. About Pugacheva on the sidelines of the cinemas there are even legends. For example, those who has considerable experience of chinoiserie sometimes speak, as Pugacheva in the last century, and still with Philip Kirkorov, attended the premiere of the first part of the Matrix. And surprisingly, stayed in the hall until the end of the film, nearly three hours of the night. However, this time the curiosity Alla was not only secular. The singer remained on the film, which was reported in his microblog. By the way, Kirkorov was also at this premiere. But some of the Divas were not observed. At least photographers.

The appearance of Alla Pugacheva has done a lot of noise. People literally froze, he saw on the ceremonial carpet Diva. Pugacheva herself, too confused, but not from inexperience, but from the noise and shouts from all sides. However, confusion Alla counted the seconds, and soon the audience was gifted with brand Pugachev smile.

Алла Пугачева довела бомонд до оцепенения

Maria Kozhevnikova and V. Avramenko Fetishwendy

Maria Kozhevnikova, as the bearer of a famous hockey family, was very happy to see the legendary Vyacheslav Fetisov and his wife Ladino. According to the established secular tradition, the meeting was not without a selfie. It's possible, was even and photoprivate Alexander Kozhevnikov, a colleague Vyacheslav Fetisov for the USSR national team.

Алла Пугачева довела бомонд до оцепенения

Ekaterina Vilkova and Oksana Avramenko Ginsenoside

Some especially excessive red carpets sometimes chaotic movement, reminiscent of a more secular event, but rush hour in the hot Cairo. Oksana Akinshina, gracefully Dodge Ekaterina Vilkova, just illustrates a situation almost became a disaster.

Алла Пугачева довела бомонд до оцепенения

Tatiana Avramenko Newsagency

And Tatiana Navka, which almost flew Vilkova, avoid collision with Oksana, already have noticed from afar a dangerous situation on the track and managed to slow down to exit, but put a hand to amortize a possible strike.

Алла Пугачева довела бомонд до оцепенения

Igor Mishin and Yury Avramenko Kolokolnikova

Yuri Kolokol'nikov living in Los Angeles, however, somehow manages to stay in the center of events. On all the important events in the world of cinema Kolokolnikov necessarily arrives and combines a good time for business deals, such as Igor Mishin, and meetings with friends, for example, with Pavel Derevyanko.

Алла Пугачева довела бомонд до оцепенения

Yuri Kolokolnikov Pavel Avramenko Derevyanchenko


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