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Hit bored to death: the story of the song "How delightful evening in Russia»

The composition of the group "White eagle" with this name twenty years ago was a smash hit and is still popular. I remembered how it all began

"Got bored" — this is the name for the history of the hit group "the White eagle". Twenty years ago Vladimir zhechkov was quite a big businessman. He belonged to the famous group advertising, magazines and even entire channels. But the soul of a businessman wanted very different. "Bored to live here and decided to do the singing — he recalled later. — Nobody believed that it would work, but I like a serious man, decided to bring the case to the end. And I did it! Not to say that I sing well, but it was real funny that happened."

The hit was the composer Alexander Dobronravov, who even doubted that the song "How delightful evening in Russia" the big future. "I knew it "nuclear suitcase with a button". Understood at once. When I wrote it, cried in the Studio. I understood it will be close to the listeners in Russia," recalls the composer.

In 1997 zhechkov came to Dobronravov — listen to the song, choose something for yourself. "We were sitting at the table communicated — later recalled the composer. — I turned on one another. 'Evening," was the twelfth song. He heard the first bars, and I was about to go to a different musical material, but jackov stopped me and asked to return to the beginning of the song. He listened to the song a few times, and then said, "This song is to be recorded. Promptly!".

Хит со скуки: история песни «Как упоительны в России вечера»

A frame from the video "How delightful evening in Russia»

The song quickly became popular, but he jackov was not going to emerge from the shadows and never even thought about the tour. However, in 1999 it was decided to recruit a team of musicians. The soloist was Michael Faybushevich, better known as the author of the lyrics of Sofia Rotaru. Then place at the microphone took Leonid Lyutvinsky.

Today Vladimir zhechkov lives in the suburbs of Paris. Well, the group "White eagle" — already with the new lineup continues to tour the country. However, without new hits the level of "Evenings".


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