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Our cheer! The success story of Ilya Kovalchuk

Olympics in Pyeongchang — the fifth for hockey. And he hopes to win

Forward of the Russian hockey team, two-time world champion, winner of Olympic bronze 2002 Ilya Kovalchuk never doubted that the winter Olympics need to participate. For Elijah it was the fifth Olympics, and he hopes, of course, to win. with Arina Kovalchuk — older sister of Elijah recalled the major milestones and turning points in the life of a hockey player.

We can say that the future of sports Ilya Kovalchuk was predetermined. His father, a former athlete, he brought his son to the hockey section, when he was four years old. "Dad loved hockey. And best friend he was a hockey coach — says Arina. We are all in the family was ill for "Spartak". And when the question arose in any sport to give Ilya, I had no choice". First coach Ilya once told me that in my childhood was a ball of energy. It all seemed over the edge. If we cried — so in three Creek, happy — jumping up to the ceiling. "Athletes are rarely calm and quiet boys with a book on the bench — laughing Arina. — At first, Elijah was Moody. Often with tears in their eyes — all close to my heart took. And so — a good, smart boy. Learning is always easy, but the interest was shifted to the sport, so his whole life around children's hockey and spun".

Болеем за наших! История успеха Ильи Ковальчука

Ilya Kovalchuk hopes to win in Panchavati:

In the 16 years Kovalchuk got into the adult team of the Moscow "Spartak". Well and further his career is just the perfect tool for all future athletes. In the status of best striker in the team in 2001 for seven years was a hockey player American "Atlanta Trashers", earning during this time, a record fee. Then he returned to Russia, where he played for "AK bars" and "Khimki", and again went to conquer America. First as a member of the same "Atlanta", then "new Jersey devils". And five years ago returned to Russia to play for SKA. Then, by the way, strongly exaggerated rumors that the "new Jersey devils" departure of the Russian hockey player considered a betrayal. Arina, however, believes such talk is complete nonsense: "If this were true, he would have closed the road there once and for all. When you betray the people level Lou Lamoriello, who was the General Manager of the team, the road to the NHL hockey player is closed. It is possible that such attacks occur because Ilya Valeryevich too intelligent. We do not like such. We like to say "be simple". And he definitely will not be easy."

According to Arina, in America, Elijah still love and remember: "When my husband and I several years ago came to Los Angeles, not the hockey town, there was an interesting case. We arrive at the hotel, the young man at the reception when I saw my name, said, "I'm sorry, what you have Ilya Kovalchuk?"— "This is my little brother." The young man literally blossomed: "You tell him, please, that in America waiting for him and hope that he will once again play in our League. And that we have very few players at this level. We still admire his game. This is a great hockey player. I thank him very much!“. And even if someone in America said he gave someone".

Болеем за наших! История успеха Ильи Ковальчука

Wife of hockey player Nicole Ambrozaitis supports the sports way of life, muzetto:

While Ilya was moved from one club to another for him, as the faithful wife of a Decembrist, was followed by the greatest love of his life Nicole Ambrozaitis. Once she has made a career of the singer in the group "Mirage", but for the sake of Elijah decided to devote himself to the family. Today the couple have four children: daughters Caroline and eve and their sons Philip and Artem. "Ilya is a wonderful father. Again, thanks to our parents, they have laid the principles of education and attitudes towards children, which we are now placed in their families, — says Arina Kovalchuk. — So for children it is the king and God, they love him madly. Nicole, of course, is the main line of education. But Ilya, when you time it with rebyatney. They're all hanging on it. On vacation — always the same with them."

Болеем за наших! История успеха Ильи Ковальчука

In his spare time he is a diligent father of four, Decapoda:

All children Ilya is very sporty. "Philip is seriously engaged in football in high school "Zenith". Travels to competitions. It is impossible, — says Arina. — Karolinka went to the gym, at the Amateur level. Now she says she wants to be an actress, but it needs to be able to sing, dance, be flexible, sports. Temko closer to hockey. But I don't think he will do professionally. Eva is still small." Lately, there's been a lot of rumors that while Ilya plays in Russia, his wife Nicole lives with her children in Miami. But it's not. "No one in which America lives. He is in St. Petersburg, then, and the family there. It is absolutely normal and correct", — says Arina.


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