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Anita Tsoy has noted the birthday in secret

Guests ate and drank among the books and tomes

Very surprised there were friends of the singer Anita Tsoy, who has received a strange message on her holiday in a "Quest invited." Thus, the artist decided to organize an unusual birthday in the format of a quest and shows. Interestingly, not all took an unusual TEXT from Anita, so I was sure it was spam, and didn't come. But the actress is not upset: the astrologer warned her that this could be.

As explained by the singer, she just had enough to hold standard birthday, so I wanted creativity. "I have to be at different events, most of which are absolutely duty, plus to invite everyone, so I often do not want them to come, and there's no time. I'm his celebration wanted to show that only true people who love and respect me as a person, and love my work, able to decrypt the invitation, and come here," explained the artist.

Анита Цой отметила день рождения тайно

To congratulate the singer came couple Mihajlovichtel press service

In the end, all gathered in a cafe-library, so in the evening, in addition to songs performed by the birthday girl, there were many poems that I read even Dmitry Dibrov and Stas Mikhailov. Surprised by her vocal abilities niece Anita Kate, and also the husband of singer Sergey Tsoy, who sang...the national anthem of Korea.

At some time in the library dropped curtain, behind which lurked a huge Banquet tables. In addition, the guests saw an incredible fire show, in particular, and with the participation of Anita. It was certainly a surprise to all, considering that the party was held in the middle of the stacks.

Анита Цой отметила день рождения тайно

Son of Anita Sergey very emotionally congratulated his beloved mother

Of course, the birthday girl was filled with gifts. Major gifts presented, of course, native people: husband and son. So, the husband gave Anita a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that this is the most expensive Orchid in the world, they are called Orchid Vanda. Well, Sergei Junior, was handed to the mother... a fancy steamer, which she had long dreamed of. Choi also received a lot of ordered gifts in your new home construction. It was appliances, all kinds of accessories and decorations for the home and even dining sets, rugs and furniture. The couple Dubrovich gave the birthday girl a lemon tree, but expensive bag from a famous designer.

Анита Цой отметила день рождения тайно

Dibrovy brought Anita a real lemon tree that will perfectly fit into the new interior of her demomaterial press services

Also among the guests you could see Stas and Inna Mikhailov, Nelly Kobzon and singer of MBand Anatoly Tsoi.


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