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Natalya Gvozdikova: "I do not have a bit of adventure»

The actress this year was 70 years old. It happened at Christmas, but on stage Natalia marked an important date in a month. In the hall was full, and the star of dozens of films received a generous portion of people's love

On your evening Natalya Fyodorovna read poems, sang, accepted gifts and even replaced two outfit. First the actress showed fashion poncho, and then went out in evening dress is a deep, dark blue. Among the guests were many colleagues, friends and, of course, her classmates at the University. Thus, in the first row sat a friend of the hero of the day — actress Natalia Arinbasarova. She came not only with gifts, but the interesting memories which she has shared with

Наталья Гвоздикова: «Мне не хватает немножко авантюризма»

My husband Eugeny Zharikov, Natalia met on the set of the serial "Born by revolution" in the early 70s. Despite the difficult relationship, the couple has kept family and were together until the death of Yevgeny Ilyich in 2012 godyak from the film "Born by revolution»

"We had a four course Natasha: Gvozdikova, Belokhvostikova, Bondarchuk and I Arinbasarova. Initially, our policy was called the policy of intellectuals. From the film Department was very educated and smart guys, who with their education, even amazed Appolinarievich Sergey Gerasimov — the person of high culture and erudition. Well, for us it is the title somehow spread. But we have apparently a special intelligence did not differ (laughs), so gradually masters began to call us "the course of four Natasha". Natasha and friends, always together, passed the exams. We even called "sisters Gvozdikova".

Наталья Гвоздикова: «Мне не хватает немножко авантюризма»

Actors Nikolay Denisov and Oksana Stashenko also could not miss the birthday of a colleague and podrachivat: Sergei Ivanov

It show very well in school, was plodding, and I finished ballet school, so I have a special ability to study textbooks and I was supposed to. Plus we had very similar handwriting, so half of the tickets had to prepare it, half — me. And then they always walked together to pass each other, and slipped the right response to the ticket.

Наталья Гвоздикова: «Мне не хватает немножко авантюризма»

Nikas Safronov did not miss the opportunity to give Natalia Gvozdikovoy its martinetto: Sergei Ivanov

So it is always good passed, recalled she. — I think she needs more to do: not played it yet. Because playing women age very interesting: there's a life experience, a lot of observations. It is not necessary to worry how you look in the picture, and you can fully concentrate on the character»…

Наталья Гвоздикова: «Мне не хватает немножко авантюризма»

Larissa Luzhina and Sergey Batalov — old friends, imeninnitsa: Sergei Ivanov

Natalya Fyodorovna also reminisced about their school years, Sergei Gerasimov: "We allowed almost everything, however, said: girls, do not try to change your appearance, you should be recognizable. And I knew it. When we entered the classroom in a mini, Sergey Apollinarievich closed my eyes and said, "o my Lord! One foot.“ And really: dresses on us was purely symbolic.

Наталья Гвоздикова: «Мне не хватает немножко авантюризма»

Boris Grachevsky long time choosing the gift and stopped at the jewelry from natural stones. Fans of the "jumble" you know that the legendary actress Natalya Gvozdikova starred in a children's film in the role of uchitelnicu: Sergei Ivanov

And makeup we were allowed, although in other workshops teachers forbade. Sergei Appolinarievich and Tamara Fedorovna was a modern people, Gerasimov said: "every actor should be a healthy share of adventurism". However, I consider myself a bit of adventure is not enough. Maybe today I will feel what it's like to be an adventuress," joked Gvozdikova.


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