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Elena Sparrow barely broke in Spain

The actress said what ended her meal at the best restaurant in the world

"Sentry, plunder!"— wrote Elena Sparrow after a holiday in Spain. As it turned out, the star she has wanted to eat at the best restaurant in the world, as she told the guide. However, soon Elena almost regretted it. What is admitted later

"Intuition suggests that care should be taken not to leave all the money on vacation. Just two pages of dishes with a fixed price 180 and 220 euros. Built in my head a little vintage gadget "calculator vulgaris" counted the cost: 180 × 3=540... And this is only the beginning. We were offered champagne to start with. Price from 30 euros per bottle. But it was necessary not to strike in a dirt the person, and we, after some discussion, we selected a bottle for € 40. Then it turned out that the main menu in this restaurant is not provided, only tasting. And I decided to fight for their money 540, order from three to two options. I remembered how someone told me that the food at the tasting quite generously, so that by the end of the meal likely to be hungry will not be!"As a result honored Arista ate, although admitted that it was really good.


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