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Sadalsky said about the death of Larissa Vasilyeva

The actor has published a photo in the company of the poet

Recently died the Soviet and Russian poet, novelist and playwright, the founder of the Museum "tank T History-34" Larisa Vasilyeva. Last fall she was 82 years old. In the Network one of the first sad noost announced star blogger and TV host Stanislav Sadalsky.

Publication of Stanislav Sadalsky (@stassadal)Feb 28, 2018 3:43 PST

"At the time, her books "the Kremlin wives" and "Children of the Kremlin" were read all. It was a bestseller, since they started this burning media interest in the details of his personal life choices, living on the other side of the red battlements," wrote the artist on his page in "Live journal". In his instagram-profile entertainer issued a joint photo with Vasilyeva and signed post one of her poems. "The Kingdom of heaven to you, Larissa. I'm sorry and goodbye..." he concluded.


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