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Stars supported offended Zhirinovsky Sobchak

The women staged a flashmob in social networks

Sparring between the candidates in presidents of Russia Ksenia Sobchak and Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the program Vladimir Solovyov has caused quite a stir in the Network. The result of this incident was the mob #unminimize designed to draw attention to the problem of sexual discrimination. It was attended by well-known in our country women.

"To watch and hear this disgusted and ashamed of our candidates. Vladimir Zhirinovsky — stop! It's not funny and this is unacceptable!!!!! Disgrace!!! Men — where's your dignity? It is unacceptable to assume that a woman can speak as a second class citizen! The horror!!!!", — said Lera Kudryavtseva.

"The only thing that saved yesterday's debate, this is an excerpt and the amazing wisdom of Xenia anatolevny. To save face in front of screaming slavering ghoul, disguised as a man, She could, pulling the emerging farce to the level of great drama", commented Nika Belotserkovskaya.

"Vladimir Zhirinovsky had a discussion with Xenia as a political opponent, but simply vulgar and rude insulted her as a woman. Unfortunately, he often behaves in this unacceptable way in relation to women. The memory of his "escapades" in the Duma and boorish, the level of the railway station the Homeless insults, even Alla Pugacheva... unfortunately, our society reacts to such things is impermissible indifferent", — said Yana Rudkovskaya.

In response Sobchak colleagues expressed their gratitude on the personal page "Instagram", comparing his presidential campaign with a March for dignity against humiliation, sexism, rudeness, stupidity and indifference. "Leading has no right to argue with the candidate. Will have to write a complaint to the CEC and Ernst, but regardless of their reaction, this leading is not a debate but just a fraud," she said.


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