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Nachalova miraculously got pregnant from Chaliapin

The singer surprised fans with his confession

The other day on Instagram pop singer Yulia Nachalova appeared in a selfie with her new edition of "Tonight" in "the toughest reality show-man" of Prokhor Chaliapin. In the frame smiling couple pressed against each other.

However, most Network users were surprised by the signature to the post. In it, the singer announced a very unexpected news. "Between us began to melt the ice ) And in the same moment, he looked at me with her bewitching languid glance and said," wait, Wait baby ) What you are there year of birth???))" And I said, " of the Nineties)))" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., she began her story.

"I realized that was a failure! I started hysterically crying loudly: "why am I not 1952'. In General, I am in the quiet solitude sat on the chair where he was sitting... and Suddenly... I realized that she is pregnant!))) and for some reason it seems that it is the child Prokhor in Short, we have to go on the Jeremy Kyle show to do a DNA test on live," he said.


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