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Olga Buzova could not calm down about Tarasova

Leading "House-2" commented on the blog Anastasia Kostenko

Olga Buzova sure that the new wife of Dmitry Tarasov Anastasia Kostenko she imitates. Another confirmation of his ideas, the leading "House-2" found that the ' family got a Labrador puppy. The photo with the dog appeared in the microblog model.

"Welcome to the family, Tara," Kostenko signed the.

Ольга Бузова никак не успокоится по поводу Тарасова

New pet Тарасовых

Many of its subscribers liked the adorable puppy, but there were those who lashed out at the girl with the criticism. Among them was itself Buzova, which is under the opponents left a caustic message.

"We were going to have this dog in our house to buy. This is the bottom, comrades," commented a photo of the singer, thus publicly humiliating Kostenko.

After a public "showdown" Kostenko withdrew his post.


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