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Yana Troyanova knew that her son will die

The actress was shocked by the details of the suicide of the heir

Yana Troyanova than once in an interview told that her life was not easy. One of the blows of fate — the suicide of his only son Nicholas. The young man was 20 years old when he hanged himself in his house. According to the actress, the young man strongly influenced by a bad heredity and friends who have used banned substances and alcohol.

"In Kolya's company, a friend out of the window dazed, beside himself. But Kolya was not drinking, as many of the Ural teenagers, but not stuck in the quagmire of addiction — remember the star of the show Olga. — Went out of life completely sober, consciously, and that we were shocked most of all. The reason was the ring events, which were closed for him in a deadly loop: serious conflicts with friends, girl, me, grandmother on the father...".

Mother thinks that Nicholas could not cope with shame for their actions, unable to forgive himself, didn't know how to live with this. A few days before the suicide, he, along with Jana and her second husband film Director Vasily sigareva met the New year. In a candid conversation, the young man admitted that he felt a quick death.

According to Troyanova, and she had a premonition that death will take away Kolya. She just finished shooting the film "to Live", where her character, having lost her beloved, could not find my way in life, went to the priest and asked her to read the burial service.

"I was exhausted and went from filming with a full sense of what it's going to be with my son. Dull, as from a deep well, to me came the information: "You know what our son will go! Know where he will be buried!“ But then included head: "What kind of rut?" — remembered artist. — Bob pulled away from the house all day, but I asked him: "Why do you think that the tomb of the son between his father and poet Boris Red?" As it turned out, that night nick hanged himself."

Nick really lies with the father, and further down the line — the tombstone of the poet Red, said the actress in an interview to "Caravan of stories".


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