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Vitorgan wife carried and gave birth to a daughter she

The media found out the details of the baby

Became known the details of the birth of a third child, 78-year-old Emanuel Gedeonovich. The girl was born in late February, this is the first and very welcome child Irina Vitorgan. This happy event, she had to wait almost twenty years before becoming a mother didn't let her health. According to 56-year-old women, she carried and gave birth to a baby girl, called Ethel.

"When I read that Ethel means — noble, I realized that my choice of name 'get the point" Emmanuel we have such a noble and his daughter is like him — the same dark hair, Lomachenko, it is the same as Hummocky nose, lips and forehead (forehead she the same as her nephew of Plato we noticed on the ultrasound), — said Irina edition — My daughter is very calm and educated: virtually no crying — eat and sleep.

Mother and baby was already discharged from the hospital and feeling good.


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