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Pelage condemned over reaction to the cheating husband

Blogger Lena Miro believes that the artist is no pride

Recently, the Network spread a picture, which show the husband of Pelagia, hockey player, Ivan Telegin, kissing with a striking brunette. Many waited for scandal in the family of the singer, but she did not react to the alleged cheating. Blogger Lena Miro are unable to stay away from this sticky situation. She dedicated a new post of what happened in the family Telegenic.

"Always slimming, the singer Pelageya rubber smile once again exposed himself as a woman with no pride. Hockey player Telegin kissed a girl at the party", — wrote in his microblog. — "Pelagia's reaction to it, as a wise (in the system of values omitted hens) woman. This is the same case when I am ashamed of women."

Socialite outraged that the actress accompanied her husband to the reception in the Kremlin, where Vladimir Putin awarded the athletes who won medals at the Olympic games in South Korea.


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