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Halle berry strikes a flexible Catwoman

The actress is subject to the most complex yoga postures

Famous American actress Halle berry in 51 years has maintained a perfect figure. She has not lost the grace of Catwoman, the role which she played in 2004. In his Instagram, the star shared her secret of how she manages. According to Holly, it's all about stretching and regular yoga classes.

"After exercising be sure to stretch. Fitness is not just running, strength training and bakirovna with pear" — said the actress. — "Stretching is an important part of my workouts, it helps me to improve mobility and, most importantly, to avoid injuries. In the photo one of my favorite poses of yoga — shoulderstand, which strengthens and stretches the lower spine and legs."

Холли Берри поражает гибкостью Женщины-кошки

The actress strikes a фигурой

According to berry, after the stretching she feels taller and slimmer. Yoga helps her to deal with stress, recover, sleep better.


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