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Nikita Presnyakov wrote a letter to the fans of their star family

The young musician was tired of criticism

As we know, Nikita Presnyakov was born in a creative family. His parents are Kristina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov, and grandmother Alla Pugacheva. They are all very well-known singers. However, the young man does not understand "pop music", he chose another direction in music. Because of this, he is regularly criticized by fans of their star family. Is he so tired that he in his microblog addressed to the subscribers with an open letter.

"Dear people are older, my content has profanity, and any trash that you may not understand and to react negatively. To avoid misunderstandings and hard feelings as we don't want to offend anyone, put this announcement" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — wrote to the young musician. — "This does not mean that I am somehow not apply to you, just many people here probably came here because you signed my family and somehow try to associate me with that crowd, but I have my own parties, their own cockroaches in my head, I'm doing another area in music and support a different subculture. Of course you will not understand me until the end... but I often don't understand why these grown men are watching to see how I can drink, swear and just be yourself, the way I was with for 11 years, as soon as rock and metal has got me in the player".


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