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Why Alena Vodonaeva parted with the cat Ksenia Sobchak

The presenter told about the sacrifices made for the sake of the child

Alain Vodonaeva often and openly to share with followers "Instagram" facts of his life. Next news: the family of the presenter appeared pet. Kitten of them gave her husband a Day cats. The followers congratulated her on the completion of the family, but wondered: what happened to the previous cat? While attending Vodonaevoy in the show "Dom-2" Ksenia Sobchak gave her the animal, named Coco. Alena has told fans the sad story that the beast she had to leave.

"In the last months of pregnancy, my obstetrician asked me a question on the topic of sozhitelstvovaniye with the cat. There is such a thing — toxoplasmosis", — said Alena. "It is the glory of God spared, but the risk is I could not. This was my fourth pregnancy and very long-awaited child".

As a family, they experienced separation from pet. Vodonaeva admitted that even cried: "Coke to give it was a pity, but not really". Now the cat lives with her friends, and feels good.


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