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Shaposhnikov apologized to Sobchak for provocation and hooliganism

Trainee of Parliament were doused with water leading

A few hours ago the presidential candidate of the Russian Federation from "Civil initiatives" Ksenia Sobchak announced to subscribers of his "Instagrama" that after a feast in honor of the birthday of Mikhail Gorbachev she was attacked. The attacker poured lead water where she slipped and fell, hurt leg and head. "The mugger was assistant to the Chairman of Moscow State Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov", the journalist said in his microblog.

"The police must prosecute. Shaposhnikov, to apologize and to fire an assistant. And we all not forget this attack," she wrote. Later, Russian media reported about the apology of the head of the Moscow city Duma for the conduct of parliamentary Intern. "What happened today is a provocation and hooliganism. I am sure that law enforcement agencies investigate the incident and the guilty will receive appropriate punishment," said Shaposhnikov on his page on "Facebook", stressing that the detained man is not his assistant.


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