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Trains to Finnish CH, Tyr, Bach invention: how the stars celebrated on 8 March

Anna Peskova, Anastasia Tregubova, Ilana St. George and other celebrities congratulate the readers and share as you celebrate — or not celebrate — this day

Actress Anna Peskova made mom a handmade gift

– While still in school, my younger sister Sasha decided to make our moms a gift with their own hands to sew a doll. We have a school at this time was the sewing lessons and the teacher helped us to make all the right patterns, to prepare. I bought the fabric, made a dress similar to her favorite. And embarked on the most difficult, but interesting — the creation of dolls. Decided I would do two in the first practice, because until that moment, never did such things. And already gain experience, will sew second. All did so, only now to choose which toys we liked more, and could not, therefore, made the second dress and gave the morning of March 8 mommy both dolls.

They still have her, she took them to France, but now we changed their clothes, and for mommy they represent us — me and Alexander.

Поезда в Финляднию, тир, инвенция Баха: как звезды отмечают 8 Марта

Anna Buturlina: materials of press-services

Jazz singer Anna Buturlin found out March 8, the sex of the baby

– The eighth of March we celebrate, and given that we now have three girls, I and two daughters, — the husband has a hard time. In 2016, when we were expecting our second baby, the doctor did give us a gift and it is March 8 sent data of blood test for sex determination. I, spouse and daughter Eudoxia sat down, anxiously opened the letter and was extremely happy with the gift that was waiting for us inside. Girl! It was a real international women's day. Antonina was born on 3 September this year she will be two. And now, for us, the Eighth of March is a double celebration. Celebrate it with the whole family a celebratory Breakfast. Tea, cake, flowers, favorite music. In the evening usually, and after a family Breakfast when the family goes on a walk, I go to rehearsal, and after — work concert. But for the artist's work in celebration — happiness!

Поезда в Финляднию, тир, инвенция Баха: как звезды отмечают 8 Марта

Anastasia Tregubova: materials of press-services

Anastasia Tregubova received a touching gift from older daughter

– For mom, I think there is no better gift than one made by the children themselves. I love music, including classical, especially Bach, and the eldest daughter Lisa is well aware of this. One time she went to school Gnesin, played the piano. And specially for me, she also taught the teacher a four part Bach invention. And chose challenging enough for her age essay. It was very beautiful and incredibly touching! After our impromptu concert, we sat down for Breakfast which for us girls did our men.

Now we have the center of the universe — nick. Despite the fact that she's just a little, Lisa, and Mike cook for her any surprises. And even though she doesn't understand and won't remember, we're taking shots, and when she grows up, will know, as her older brother and sister were delighted by her appearance in the world!

Поезда в Финляднию, тир, инвенция Баха: как звезды отмечают 8 Марта

Laura Reznikovitch: materials of press-services

Lora Reznikov notes March 8, February 23

– For me, traditional festivals, men and women special. I was born in day of the defender of Fatherland, on February 23, and sometimes laugh, that's my birthday — a red letter day, statutory holiday. But the school was secretly in love with a boy born the 8th of March. And every year on birthday quietly put him in the briefcase was a gift. You did it so delicately that it is about my feelings he didn't recognize, and my love remained unrequited. Perhaps the celebration of 8 March, I have come to an end. Of course, if you are somewhere in the public space, you get the traditional greeting: at school it's cards or candy at work — flowers. Sometimes you can meet friends and sit in a cafe. But the rest I treat this holiday more than neutral. I have quite enough on February 23.

Поезда в Финляднию, тир, инвенция Баха: как звезды отмечают 8 Марта

Sergey Gubanov, deteriorate: materials of press-services

Sergey Gubanov celebrates from 7 to 9 March

– The eighth of March is one day in a series of spring holidays. We actually celebrate three days without stopping! March 7 is my birthday, and all the girls congratulate me and give gifts, 8-th of our roles are changing, and on March 9, we all together celebrate the birthday of my mother. Here is a gift, having given birth to me, she made a birthday. (Smiles.) Going with the whole family — noisy, fun, gifts, cakes.

In my childhood they did mom bake pies on March 6, definitely made my favorite — Apple, and I went to school to treat my classmates. Second left on March 8. The eighth day my dad bought tulips, congratulated the mother Rimma Alekseevna — and sister Tanya. In the morning we had tea and cake. The next day guests came, and the number 9, we celebrated two birthday and Women's day.

And we have a long tradition — on the Eighth of March we are preparing the first season okroshka! So no one in our family in early spring without a gift does not remain even fall to me. (Laughs.) Of course, the biggest challenge for me these days to choose gifts. Head aches, what to think, than to please, as not to offend anyone (Sergei, in addition to moms and sisters, three more daughters). You need to consider all desires and interests, and of course, it is necessary to think carefully about how to mark where... All need to consider... your female Kingdom feel like a king. (Laughs.) Girls love me and I love them! Do not deprive me of attention.

And the eldest daughter of Sergey Gubanova is a young actress Karina Gubanova — remembered how last year celebrated international women's day. Karina — the girl is not timid, plays sports, enjoys fighting, and is preparing to play the role of a female warrior. Knowing this, her boyfriend decided to surprise her — was invited on March 8 at the present TIR. Where Karina was first taught to shoot a real gun, and then hung the target, where the young actress has shown excellent results.

Поезда в Финляднию, тир, инвенция Баха: как звезды отмечают 8 Марта

Karina Gubanova: materials of press-services

Ilan Yuri was taken on March 8 in Finland

– The Institute for me and my girlfriend had been wooed by two young men. They gave us all sorts of attentions, but we especially did not react. And once even made a joke said I want to Finland. They persuaded some of our friends, those guys gave the passport, and at midnight on March 8, we received the gift boxes, which contained a passport, Finnish visa, and between the pages was a nested ticket on the ferry that departed at 6am. We went to Helsinki for one day, better know eachother, and after returning home, decided that we should stay friends. (Laughs.)


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