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Anna Khilkevich have no luck with nurses

Actress picky employer

Anna Khilkevich popular actress. She works a lot, so constantly is with a two year old daughter Arianna. To care for baby Anna is forced to hire a nanny, but with assistants family desperately unlucky. Recently, Lee was expelled from the scandal is the fifth "Mary Poppins", because she did not fulfill her demands, lied to and subjected a child's life danger.

"She would a rag to wipe the table and then a child's face. It was right, and her daughter, she was well taught, but trust did not cause", — quotes the actress 7days. — "For example, I say: please take your child out of the garden only on a wheelchair. She replied: "Yes, Yes, Yes, of course." And in my area a lot of girlfriends lives here and one friend got a picture of our nanny runs across the road with a baby, but still not to move".

According to Lee, these lies led her into a rage. A nanny had to be replaced by a new one.


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