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Party Borodina in Milan

Leading "House-2" celebrated the birthday

Ksenia Borodina was born on international women's day, and this year, the leading "House-2" also birthday — she turned 35 years old. A double celebration, celebrities decided to celebrate in a big way. She brought family and friends: Daria Pynzar, Maria Pogrebnyak, Tatiana Lyalina and many others in Milan.

Вечеринка Бородиной в Милане

The birthday girl with подругами

Literally since the morning She began to accept congratulations from loved ones. Friends devoted to her not only the social media posts, but also sent a lot of gifts straight to Milan. In Instagram leading has photos where she is posing with things from famous brands.

Вечеринка Бородиной в Милане

Husband wrote Ksenia touching поздравление

Throughout the day, the company walked in Milan, acting on the background of attractions. In the evening we had a celebratory dinner in one of the most famous and expensive restaurants in the city.


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