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Fans feared for the health of Elena Stepanenko

The artist is not the best way

On TV channel "Russia 1" was a big benefit Elena Stepanenko "Cheerful, pretty". However, according to many fans, the name of the program sounds sneer. The actress appeared before the audience is so emaciated that it did not recognize. Her face has appeared many wrinkles, and she doesn't look cheerful.

Haggard face Stepanenko gave rise to assumptions that a woman is sick with something. In addition, it has long been rumored that the discomfort is due to emotional trauma. Supposedly happy years of marriage and creative Union with Yevgeny Petrosyan has cracked. The occasion was the passion of comedian 26-year-old personal assistant.

Official statements on this occasion, the couple did not do, but have not seen them. The concert Stepanenko Petrosyan has not appeared.


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