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Alexey Panin has a daughter with a belt and sneakers

"Hard spanking" went on the girl benefit

It seems that Alexey Panin, the goal is not to give these "women's" holidays entertainment to its fans and opponents. Every day in the microblog or daughter of nyusi there is a new episode for gossip. He's going to "bring down" of Russia, the daughter "went for bread" and bought alcohol. Today, the actor revealed how the family eats caviar spoons, it was condemned in the media.

"Before we normally have Breakfast as arrogant journalists got into our life and all distorted in their flawed article," wrote the actor in his video, how he brings up his daughter.

The plot is not intricate: Anna Panina sits with the phone, entered the room and the father starts to shout: "enough! Now I will spank you. More caviar". The actor is looking for the belt, then grabs a slipper and begins to chase the daughter around the apartment'.

Of course, the movie is staged and this game is a great pleasure to Anna.

Publication of Alexey Panin (@alekseypanin77)Mar 10, 2018 1:39 PST


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