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Philip is forced to save

Hurt by the gossip about him and the children

Almost the entire career of Philip Kirkorov accompany various rumors and speculations. And as it turned out, over the years, he was never able to come to terms with them. Lately it more it hurts, because he is responsible not only for his reputation, but also children.

"I'm afraid to get up in the morning, suddenly read some regular dirt. Then I think, as I go on stage, what do you say to people," the artist said during the filming of "a Perfect repair". — "Go to them and read in the eyes: "We don't read, don't believe it, sing it". Then I calm down and begin to work."

Kirkorov decided to appeal to designers of the program in order to equip children's floor in his house. He is not stingy, so the repair was done in a big way. Martin and Alla-Victoria got its own stage, a library and even a kitchenette. The artist devotes much time to her son and daughter, they are the main people in his life.

"I could spend my earnings and nothing to think, now trying to save the budget. And children are taught the same," — said Kirkorov.


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