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Revelations Dana Borisova about intimate pictures

Leading afraid my addiction

In the media there is talk that getting rid of alcohol addiction from illegal drugs, Dana Borisova is now suffering from sexual. The reason for the rumours that the correspondence from the person leading to man, to whom she offered sex for money and candid photos. In conversation with "KP" Borisov reiterated that she did not write anything, but the pictures are really her. She took off, she sent.

"Honestly, I like to play without a bra on his phone, I love to look at themselves and these photos to share. Not to say that I sent out to many, but someone sent," admitted Dana.

According to her, around her many men, and she's ready to start a new relationship. She's upset that some gentlemen were found unworthy, because of "leaked" pictures of her in the net. The TV star admitted that it is difficult to resist, so as not to "drown sorrow in a bottle." Dana is afraid to start drinking again.


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