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Numerologist predicted Emmanuel Vitorgan long life

What is the fate of the baby daughter of actor

All of a sudden a week ago, 78-year-old Emmanuel Vitorgan became a third time father. Even more surprising to the public caused by the fact that 56-year-old wife of the actor Irina Mlodik carried and gave birth to the girl herself. Our baby's name a beautiful name Ethel. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied dates of birth of the child and her father and told what awaits them in the future.

According to the prophecy, the baby girl will bring to life Vitorgan luck and will prolong it for many years. Like all men who become fathers in old age, he will be very kind to the daughter, pamper her. Child never and nothing will not know of the failure.

"Ethel day was born in the vicinity. Her strong will and tremendous energy, and tremendous charisma and a loud name will allow you to achieve much in life," said the numerologist. "The girl is going to grow very emotional, what will deliver a lot of trouble to their parents. However, then they will come to the rescue of a nanny".

The Oracle believes that the girl will benefit the sport. And if it will lead to good coaches, it may even become an Olympic champion. From father Ethel has inherited creativity. Kuzenbaeva advised parents to monitor the emotional state of daughter since she has a tendency to depression, writes "StarHit".


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