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Alexander Shirvindt has told, why he died, Lyudmila Gurchenko

The cause of death of the actress will surprise fans

Artistic Director of theatre of Satire Alexander Shirvindt became the guest of the program "Tonight" to talk about his new book "In between", which he dedicated to his friends, colleagues and students. Most of the characters memoirs of the actor famous people: actors, Directors, satirists. Among them, the magnificent Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Shirvindt admitted that it was easy to be friends with Lyudmila Markovna, because he never cared for her. He was married before, the couple lived together for 61 years, and the other women artist did not look. But as communicated with Gurchenko very close, I am sure he knows the real reason of her death.

"I know what she died of. To age she could not, would not, did not know how it can be. Always waist 17 cm, maximum 26" ‒ said Alexander Shirvindt. — "Was extraordinary. And suddenly it seemed to her that she began to grow old, and she died, one hundred percent."


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