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The niece of Yuri Loza is expecting a baby from torn of dogs a resident of Moscow

Shocked by the incident

Last Sunday, a tragic story happened to the inhabitants of the village Kursakovo. Late in the evening near a house on the street Railway 19-year-old Oleg Sosunov the cost of his own life saved the girl from charging at her pack of stray dogs. A few hours ago Yuri Loza said on his page on "Facebook" that his niece is pregnant by the deceased.

"When such a horror happening somewhere in the wilderness, seeking justification in the environment and the impossibility of control, but when you know that it happened in the Istra district, just refuse to believe what happened," the singer wrote in his microblog. "There are no wolves in the suburbs do not, and hence there is no need to have wolfhounds. However, they again and again are bred and then released into the wild. But dogs in the wild get in packs and very quickly begin to behave like wolves, the descendants of which in essence are", — said the artist.


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