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Joe, and Babkina made each other fashion verdict

On the anniversary of Slava Zaitsev and film premieres stars surprised by the outfits

In the background Oscar of the fashion show the output of local stars on the red carpet one of the capital's film premieres, maybe, and looked much more modest, but was accompanied by intense emotion. Enough emotion and the celebration of the eightieth birthday of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. The evening attracted a huge number of stars who heartily congratulated the birthday boy personally and on stage. A great impression on all produced memories of Joseph Kobzon, who talked about how, together with his wife Nelly in his youth, they came in a little apartment of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich. The designer then lived very modestly. So he sometimes did not have enough money that he didn't know how to make Pierre Cardin.

Birthday of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Theatre of Russian songs, 2 Mar

And one of them fashionable? For this reason among the invited press hosted a discussion, which, however, ended only by the recognition of the obvious: and Alla, and Nadezhda Georgievna do not want to lag behind from young people. And they have succeeded.

Пугачева и Бабкина вынесли друг другу модный приговор

Alla Pugacheva, Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Tatyana Mihalkovskaya Medincine

Maestro Zaitsev as the main character of the evening, seated in a white chair, and beside him two women stars: Alla Pugacheva and Tatyana Mikhalkov. The birthday boy and his guests were clearly happy with the company of each other.

Пугачева и Бабкина вынесли друг другу модный приговор

Bari Alibasov and Lidia Fedoseeva-Succinonitrile Medincine

Bari Alibasov and his former flame Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin embodied secular respectability. However, before you make a company Lydia Nikolaevna, Bari Karimovich has sealed itself to the personal archive sitting on the lap of Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Alla Pugacheva. As explained later, the producer, Maestro Zaitsev, he is obliged to so many. At the time, the designer did a lot for the image of the group "on-On".

Пугачева и Бабкина вынесли друг другу модный приговор

Orbakajte sang for Vyacheslav Sitevintage Medincine

Performances of pop stars have caused Vyacheslav Zaitsev sincere delight. In turn, the stars, among whom were Christina Aguilera, did not hesitate to come closer to the birthday boy during his speech. Kristina Orbakaite admitted that since childhood, the singer was a big fan of the Maestro of fashion.

The film premieres. "October", 28 Feb

Пугачева и Бабкина вынесли друг другу модный приговор

Katya Avramenko Karakhanide

Not all guests choose to comply with the dress code red carpet since spring this year hasn't started yet. Actress Kate Kabak chose the sweater thicker and warmer boots. A very enigmatic expression is attached.

Пугачева и Бабкина вынесли друг другу модный приговор

Miloš Bykowicz, Love Aksenov and Aristarkh Vanessanude Avramenko

Miloš Bykowicz, Luba Aksenov and Aristarchus of wines spent a lot of time together on the set of a new film and at the premiere. Aristarchus obviously did not want to get out of the way. Luba and Milos he played along.


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