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"Life never ends": 10 quotes of Oleg Tabakov

Statements of the legendary artist about his work on the role, hypocrisy, intelligence, education and many other things

Today was not the people's artist of USSR, the founder of "Snuff" and one of the most beloved Soviet and Russian actors Oleg Tabakov. In memory of Oleg Pavlovich collected his sayings that impress with depth and wisdom.

"It is very important not to forget the thesis of Vladimir Ivanovich Nemirovich-Danchenko that for us life is not the end".

"Do not be afraid to be silly, ridiculous, absurd. Man is so constituted that he has a lot of interesting often remains outside the circle of our attention".

"The work on the role is not only memorizing the text. Think of the role at least fifteen minutes a day. Brush your teeth — think riding the subway — think".

"I am the proletarian of art work."

"I could be a clown — because I know how to make people laugh".

"The sooner a person ceases to hangit and wishful thinking, the better for him."

"The concept of intelligence , I mean what is said in the Oxford dictionary: 'Russian intellectual is a person who cares for those who is worse than him."

"I'm not a Director. I have data I can teach actors to play well, but the art theatre I never succeeded, no one's the case I'm not. I — crisis Manager. Here's to the best of their understanding and doing it".

"The secret of pedagogy is simple: how much do you spend on the students time, soul, health, life — all get as a result."

"If I was not allowed to play, I'd have paid money just to go on stage".


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