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Alexey Lysenkov took the family abroad

The leader of the program "to Itself the Director" told about the secret passions

TV host Alexei Lysenkov now can not be afraid of the crisis which has affected some of the stars channels. If anything, it is what to do: Lysenkov mastered the profession of the captain of the ship! He told about it in an exclusive interview.

"For me, spring, fall, hunting and fishing, winter skiing and summer sailing. I already got a skipper license, so now I am international licensed captain of a sailing vessel. He, of course, one will not dare to go to sea — we still with a professional skipper to be like, but exams already passed: practice and theory. Left to accumulate miles. As for the airline", — said the presenter.

Алексей Лысенков увез семью за границу

Alex became a professional captain of a sailing судна

Lysenkov and while waiting for the onset of warm days, it fulfills the skills of skiing. It turns out, this skill has almost his entire family. For example, recently with family and Alex went to ride abroad.

Алексей Лысенков увез семью за границу

Host of "Director Himself"

"We went with the eldest daughter and her husband and my grandson and son, who is slightly younger daughter to Europe to go skiing. And there they tried to put grandson Tim in first time on skis. To put on his shoes, we managed, although not all children agree to wear ski boots and he even gladly went to them until the ski doesn't engage in his shoes. He was afraid of the moment it clicks. So the ride did not happen. But just he is only two and a half years," explained Alex.

Алексей Лысенков увез семью за границу

Next year, Alex wants to be sure to put the little grandson to лыжи

However, the host of "Director Himself" do not lose hope, because his son on skis, he put too quite early — in five years. "He is now 17 years old, he rides like a God. Although, remember when we taught him, he is not terribly liked, the first two years for him, it was hard labor, and now the ears will not drag. But next year, grandson will be three and a half: go — put on skis anyway. Well, I myself from the age of 12 ride. I was born in Kiev and traveled to the Carpathian mountains with his father, skiing I love," concluded Alex.

Алексей Лысенков увез семью за границу

17-year-old son Lysenkova already a master of riding on the mountain лыжах


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