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Actress Catherine Rokotova almost left without rights

What ended the meeting soap Opera stars with the traffic police?

An unexpected thing happened with the actress of the TV series "the Last article of the journalist", "Mata Hari", etc. Rokotov Catherine was the victim of excessive workload and lack of sleep.

During one of the many days of shooting of the series "Teacher", where she plays the role of the assistant character played by Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Catherine went on shooting, while forgetting all the documents for the car. But on the way slipped right turn and would soon imperceptibly to dive into the lane to get the other way. However, to do it quietly failed, the actress got into visual range of the DPS. Of course, she was stopped and asked to show right.

"While I was looking for the documents in the bag, I remembered I left them in the kitchen. In her stomach," admitted the actress

The case threatened to spell disaster for the artist would have to draw up a report to impound the vehicle, and Rokotov might be late to the shoot. But, fortunately, recognized it: the guardians of law and order, it turns out, I watched the series about a journalist, where she starred.

Актриса Екатерина Рокотова чуть не осталась без прав

Meeting with the traffic police for Robotboy, fortunately, ended хорошо

As a result, not just not to delay but to the place of filming Kate arrived escorted by police than a very surprised crew. But Rokotov off with an apology and autographs.


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