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Alexey Kortnev: "For twenty years we played the "Generals" many thousands of times"

Twenty years ago, a group of "Accident" presented his version of the song from the movie "the sandpit Generals". So hit Soviet times there was a second and much more successful life. remembered the story of the hit

American film Director Hall Bartlett's "the sandpit Generals" were not included in the rent at home, but went to the Soviet Union in 1974 and soon gained immense popularity. One of the musical themes in the film was the song of the bard Brazilian dorival caymmi "the March of the fishermen." In the USSR it was sung with a variety of texts, and among the official performers were a Quartet "accord" and VIA "Argonauts".

The words of the song composed for the band by "Accident", the original is irrelevant. "We used to sing it in Portuguese in the anniversary concert, — says Alexey Kortnev, so there turns out to be such a plot: a fisherman fits out a boat goes over the fish and sings when he gets back, then with friends and loved roast this fish, so it would be better to catch her."

The idea to bring the light of an old hit belonged to the authors of the program "Old songs about the main thing". And before the recording of the song was arranged a selection of the artists. "We played and sang, — says Alexey Kortnev — the result of the tender we won. Starred in the program. It was shown on TV. And the song became insanely popular. I must say that all of our previous work and attempts to sing something live, except for this thing, not to have been dashed, but many years left in the shadows."

Алексей Кортнев: «За двадцать лет мы сыграли „Генералов“ много тысяч раз»

Song from the movie "the sandpit Generals" in the TV show of 1998 became one of the crowning concert of the group "Accident"

The group was a period when musicians were required to sing "Generals" in two or even three times in one concert. Some time musicians of group "Accident" opened and ended his speech with this song. To sneer at such excitement, the band soon began to make "Generals..." parody (so there, for example, "Gerasim I Mumu"), to play a song in different arrangements and tempos.

"At first we did not even learn it, — laughs Alexey Kortnev. — Recorded in the Studio and forgotten. Never thought I will ever be to play. But when they realized that the audience just needs "Generals", not wanting to accept any explanation, had to rehearse. This song is not played only at the concerts in small clubs, where aesthetically-minded listeners who want to hear rare songs our. And so for twenty years we have played many thousands of times."


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