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Maxim Fadeev remembered an old grudge against Yuri Nikolaev

Broadcaster sent a future producer "mother"

Maxim Fadeev gave an interview to the new Dmitry Portnyagin. The conversation, among other things, touched upon the early career of the famous producer. He remembered came from the Mound to conquer Moscow, and his first meeting with the famous Yuri Nikolayev.

"Before, if the person acted in the program "Morning mail", which was led by Yuri Nikolaev, he became a star all over the country," — said Fadeev. — "And then he appeared... I stand with the tape, I hope. You think, 'Now he'll tell all."

On the record was the first song Maxim, which subsequently became known to "Dance on broken glass". For the first time a future worker of show-business came to the capital in the winter, he immediately went to Ostankino. On the way, Max lost, cold, flu, but the TV host greeted him not heat.

"Excuse me, I say, Hello, I'm from the Mound, I'd like to give you the tape. And he looked at me and said, 'Come on * * *" — complained to the producer. — "In this moment I destroyed everything. And he sailed like a ship...".

According to him, evil in Nikolaev it is holding, but the story that is not forgotten. He Fadeev listens to all demos sent him to the Studio.


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