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A sick grandmother is afraid to disappoint Dyuzheva

A woman complains of neighbors, thieves and their health

The correspondent of the program "You wouldn't believe." looked for a visit to mother of father Dmitry Dyuzheva — Tamara Petrovna. A woman complained about a difficult relationship with neighbors, health problems and lack of help at home.

Больная бабушка боится огорчить Дюжева

Grandma Dagevasat from the program "You wouldn't believe!"

Grandma's house the artist is in Astrakhan, where I came from, and her grandson. There she lives alone, embarrassed even to call on the doctor's house. But he refuses to move, her dearly include his own home, despite quarrels with neighbors and repeated attacks of thieves. Dmitri she's not mad, he calls her and buys things. "I'm afraid that he will again call, swear, what I did not say so. So I'm very grateful," — says Tamara Petrovna.


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