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"Like two weeks ago died": the wife of former driver Volochkova denounced the vices of the ballerina

The woman spoke about her alleged alcoholism

The story of the robbery Anastasia Volochkova with her own personal driver Alexander Skitaca, now residing in jail, was continued. In the days after the next session in this case, the wife of a former employee of actress Sophia said to correspondents of the program "You wouldn't believe!", that is not going to be silent when beloved threatens five years of prison.

"Thank God, I told her in the meeting hall of the bag on the head is not embedded. She's kind — she's an alcoholic. She has a kind that she was two weeks ago, has died. Red and blue stands and walks. She is not a woman to me. Not a mother, not a virtue, no one. Rag" — in the hearts told Sophia. According to women, the cause of this whole situation — the refusal of her husband to join with Volochkova in an intimate relationship. Also the wife Skirtach assures that none of the employees of the star employed her officially, in order to evade taxes.


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