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Ex-husband brutally beat Zakirov

The singer shared personal memories

On the eve of the release of his new video for the song "Dislike" on the problem of domestic violence, Nargiz Zakirova openly talked about the cruelty of her second husband of Ernur Kanybekova. Even when the singer was in position, he pushed her, causing her to flew head first into the wall.

After moving to America, he revealed even more of the dark side. Then the singer worked at a restaurant where her husband decided to sit with their guests. He asked her to join him at the table. However, Zakirov refused because it was contrary to the rules established by the host institution.

"He said nothing, but after work when we got in the taxi we drove to our house... And suddenly at some point he turns, hits me in the jaw. I'm falling at the fence, and he begins to zapisyvat my legs. I stood up and realized that I can't close my mouth. He told me that it's because I embarrassed him in front of friends and sat with them at table," — said Nargiz. Later, on the doorstep of the clinic where the actress came with a bunch of x-rays, the husband met her on his knees and begged forgiveness. But Zakirov insisted on divorce.


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