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Trouble rallied the ex-wives Boronenkov

Women consider each other relatives

The other day on one of the Ukrainian TV channels broadcast a report where Maria Maksakova captured at former wife of her late husband Denis Boronenkov, a native of Belarus Svetlana and her daughter. According to rumors, their affair with the ex-MP began to turn when she was not yet eighteen.

Беда сплотила бывших жен Вороненкова

Maksakova ex-wife Boronenkov Svetlana and her дочерью

However, this Union lasted ten years, the couple had an heir, but after learning about the affair, the woman decided to divorce with Dennis. After some time, Svetlana married again, and Boronenkov took 16-year-old daughter to Moscow and helped to enter the UNIVERSITY, pass

Women first met last year at the funeral of a former lover. After that, United in common grief, managed to find a common language. Now, Maksakova called Svetlana and Catherine members of his family. It is known that between the first and last politician's wife have agreed that in the event of a threat, Svetlana will take Mary and her young son Ivan in Minsk.


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