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Father Friske concerned for the health grandson

The man says that the father does not care about the boy

On Saturday, April 7, son of the late pop-singer Zhanna Friske will be five years. On the eve of the first anniversary of the boy his grandfather on the mother of Vladimir again complained to reporters on his son, the star of the First channel Dmitry Shepelev.

According to him, the presenter is not udalaet child of time: "when my parents in Belarus and it is not engaged. He is the air! While parents work, when they?" The man said that Shepeleva eloquent stories about Hebrew school was a "show off" a couple of times and drove threw. And during a recent meeting with his grandson Vladimir said that the baby was "okati" as a grandmother.

But most of all grandpa worried about his health — he is frequently ill. In addition to frequent proud, he has already had two operations. According to the father Friske and Shepelev does not follow that the child was warmly dressed, reports "Komsomolskaya Pravda".


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